Sykes Cottages Haggis Championships 2014

Ah haggis… our national dish of Scotland, it’s a little bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it and lucky for us we love it and so do our customers! We make ours fresh in our factory to the same recipe perfected by our founder Alex Crombie. Our haggis is made from 100% natural products and you can buy in our shop and online.

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Haggis is a simple dish that is most commonly served with neeps and tatties. So it is always nice to hear about other ways that haggis can be served and we were delighted to read about the Sykes Cottages Haggis Championships which took place in August

Sykes Cottages organised an event to come up with unique and interesting ways that haggis can be used as an ingredient in a dish and asked the food blogging community to come up with their best haggis creations……the results were fantastic!

Here are some of our favourite recipe suggestions from the competition:

Haggis Skewers by Crumbs and Petals


Crumbs and Petals came up with this fusion recipe and made haggis into skewers that were cooked with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes delicious!

Haggis Brunch by Hodge Podge Days


This is a great little brunch idea, using haggis in slices stacked on top of a homemade potato cake and topped with a runny poached egg, does brunch get any better?

Haggis Carbonara by Nine Grand Student


This is a great idea for using haggis in a classic Italian dish, we love the idea of using haggis as mince substitute and combining it with a creamy carbonara sauce.

Ulster Scots Pasties by Vohns Vittles


These pasties that Vohns Vittles made looks incredible, by substituting sausage meat with haggis they have created a Scottish twist on an Irish classic dish.

Haggis Samosas by The Weegie Kitchen


These tasty little snacks look just the ticket, what better filling for samsas than haggis!

Haggis Ravioli by The Glasgow Scullery


This is a super clever idea to use haggis as a filling for ravioli and finish the dish with a port wine reduction.

Haggis Lasagne by What Claire Baked


With Autumn upon us, this hearty lasagne recipe is a winning combination, Claire has replaced mince with a delicious haggis filling instead.

If you want even more alternative haggis recipes check our own suggestions out here:  

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  1. So delighted to see my recipe for Ulster-Scots Pasties included in your favourites! Thank you!
    Crombies was our go-to butcher when we lived in Edinburgh, so I am super-chuffed to be included in your blog! We don’t eat anywhere near as many sausages since we moved out of town, as they are just not a patch on your amazing creations!

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