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Dress up your stuffing

Without doubt Christmas dinner is nothing without a good hearty serving of meaty stuffing on your plate.   The recipes vary from local to imported sources and the mix usually combines fruits, nuts, and meats. Here is a link from BBC good food, which contains 64 stuffing recipes.

In this page, we are not going to show you how we make stuffing but we are going to show you four ways to dress them up and make it presentable to your family and guests.

No.1  Shape using your baking tray.

Baking trays can be chosen from oval, round, square or even a muffin tray. Then what you need to do is bake them accroding to cooking instruction. Then you either serve them with the whole tray or cut them up to pieces.

Muffin tray


No.2 Traditional classic stuffing balls.

This second way is very easy to cook and yet give a classic look to your dinning table.



No. 3 Cover up with bacon or parma ham

The third way of dressing your stuffing is to cook them as a long tube but that is not going to give you a wow factor until you cover them up with layers of bacon or parma ham. Not only the saltiness from bacon and parma ham will give a boost to your stuffing, but it also keeps your stuffing moist and juicy.

stuffing tube

No.4 Work with your imagination

We came up with the idea of making our stuffing look like a Christmas cracker and it worked brilliantly. We also dressed them up with an extra sprig of rosemary and holly to make it looked even more Christmassy. Of course, you can shape your Chirstmas stuffing in any shape you want, such as reindeer, santa or even christmas tree. Importantly, make sure you cook it thoroughly.

cracker stuffing

We hope you enjoy cooking stuffing as much as we do and good luck to you, whichever way you choose to present them.

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