sausage and mash

Sausage with sweet potato mash with gravy

Ingredients: serves 1

2 Sausages (we used our piggy black for this recipe)

Half onion (slice thin cut)

300g. of diced sweet potatoes

50 g. Butter (half for gravy, and another half for mash)

3 Tablespoon of milk

Beef stock 200 ml.

Plain flour 25 g.



1. Bring the water to boil and add sweet potatoes. Add a dash of salt and pepper and cook further for another 15-20 mins.

2. Fry onions with the olive oil on medium heat in frying pan for about 5-6 mins until most are floppy but still crunchy.

3. Set aside and place sausages into the same pan. Cook sausages on a low medium heat for 5 mins and then turn to other side. Keep repeat this process about 15 mins.

4. Sweet potatoes should be ready while sausages are being cooked, drain the water out from the pot. Start to mash sweet potatoes and add half of the butter and all the milk.

5. Rest sausages for a couple of minutes before serving.

6. Make gravy from beef stock and thicken it by adding a mix between butter (25 g.)and flour (25g.) and roll it as a ball shape,then drop into the beef stock to thicken.


or use gravy powder.

7. Place mashed sweet potatoes and onion in the plate and serve with sausages.

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