Roasted pork noodle

Noodles with honey roasted pork shoulder

Ingredients: serves 2

A pack of instant noodle (can be bought from supermarket); one package per one person.

Pork stock (we used pork ribs cooked in boiling water and add 2 cloves of beaten garlic, salt and white peppers)

300g. pork shoulder.

3 Tablespoons of honey

Salt and black pepper

1 tablespoon of wasabi (powder or paste)

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

A dash of smoked paprika

500 ml. of water

Finely chopped garlic (1-2 cloves)

3 tablespoons of olive oil



1. Preheat the oven at 160 c fan

2. Marinating pork shoulder:

Mix wasabi with soy sauce and honey together, and then rub it on pork. Season with salt, crushed black pepper and smoke paprika. Wrap the pork with double layers of tin foil and place in to the oven at 160 c fan for 1 hours 30 mintues.

3. Making soup:

Bring the water to boil and add pork ribs, then season with salt and white pepper. Cook for 1.5 hours. It usually finishes at the same time with roasted pork.

4. Preparing fry garlic: (cook before roast pork finish 5 mins)

Fry garlic with olive oil on medium high heat, until garlic turn golden. Turn of the heat and place garlic and oil into a bowl and set aside.

5. Cooking noodle: (cook after roast pork is ready – resting process)

Bring the water to boil, and add instant noodle. Cook for 4-5 minutes until the noodle is soft. Drain the water out and quickly mix noodle with deep fry garlic with its oil from (4).

6. Add noodle to serving bowl and add stock just enough to cover the noodle. Then add sliced honey roasted pork.

7. Garnish with sliced carrot or cooked sesame seeds or spring onions.

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