Free Range Turkey Supplier: Copas Turkeys

Copas Free Range Turkeys

Free Range Turkeys

Who: Copas Turkeys

Location: Cookham, Berkshire

Top Qualities:*Traditional *Passionate *Variety

Relationship Length: A lot of years!

The Story: We’ve known the family for quite a while, even visiting and having dinner with them on a number of occasions. We were in fact the first firm to bring Copas into Scotland. convincing them there was a demand so we simply ordered 500 turkeys – job done!

Why do we choose to work with the Copas Family? They maintain the highest welfare standards; birds are raised on an oat rich cereal diet and are raised in spacious barns with natural light and ventilation and the free range organic turkeys have the pleasure of wandering around the infamous cherry orchards. This combined with the expertise and passion of the Copas family results in the most succulent and tender turkeys. We also love their ethos of ‘life should be lived not rushed!’

Why are Copas Turkeys so special? At Copas they only work with traditional turkey breeds from specialist British hatcheries. This is important as it enables the birds to grow naturally. With a nutritionally balanced natural diet and the freedom to roam around our cherry orchards our birds truly are free-range.

The husbandry team at Copas has a wealth of experience – with team leader boasting 20 years plus! They boast a vast array of awards and share our quality is key ethos.

Learn more about Copas Turkeys here.

We’re not the only ones that think the Copas family rear the best turkeys – find out more below.

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To place an order for a Copas Turkey please contact the shop directly either via email ( or give us a call on 0131 556 7643

Please note for Christmas orders we do not delivery. Collection only.

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