Scotch Pork Supplier: Thom Wilkinson

Thom Wilkinson Scotch Pork Supplier

Specially Selected Pork

Who: Thom Wilkinson (Pigs) and son Thomas

Location: Woodfoot Farm, Hawick.

Top Qualities:* Feeding * Care * Outdoor bred

The Story: I first met Thom when we bought his pigs at the Edinburgh live market. We decided that the best way forward was for Thom to produce pigs to the size we required, and to supply us directly.

Relationship Length: I think he said recently that we are the longest standing specialist butcher customer he has, having dealt with him for over 30 years.

Why do you choose to work with Thom? The pigs are outdoor bred with a diet of mostly barley and soya bean meal, with no additives, and are grown to maturity at 22-24 weeks rather than the more common 18 week cycle. This allows for better flavour development.

Welfare of the pigs is of paramount importance, and like all good pig producers, the family’s attention to detail is outstanding. It is important from a quality perspective that pigs are not subjected to undue stress.

Good husbandry, good consistent feeding and the right pigs all contribute to giving us the pork we need for our chops, roasts, hams and bacon.

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