Scotch Beef Supplier: Gavin Scott

Gavin Scott Gateside Farm

Scotch Beef

Who: Gavin Scott

Location: Gateside Farm, Linlithgow

Top Qualities: *Local * Passion For the Job *Natural Feeding (own feed) *Good Husbandry *Scotch Beef

The Story: When the live cattle market in Edinburgh was booming we bought at the ring, bidding for the beasts we considered superior. Tom Scott, Gavin’s father was one of the best feeders (finishers) of cattle picking up trophies from the Christmas Smithfield market every year. His cattle hit the top prices but we considered that worthwhile to get the taste and consistency we demanded. After the closure of the Edinburgh market we decided to deal directly with Tom and his son Gavin buying on a regular weekly basis. We visit the farm regularly and are in weekly contact with them.

Relationship Length: They have been our favoured supplier now for well over 30 years.

Why you choose to work with Gavin? The commitment and passion they show for the job is outstanding, growing their own grass and grain for their feed along with their own supplementary additive free feed of corn, molasses, linseed and liquorice.
This is reflected in the quality of the finished animal. They are local and source their young cattle for finishing from good Scottish hill farms, giving us the best of “Scotch Beef”. We have the full history of every animal and therefore have full traceability.

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