Free Range Chicken Supplier: Linda Dick

Linda Dick Chickens

Free Range Chickens

Who: Linda Dick

Location: Peebles, Scottish Borders

Top Qualities:*Natural feed and habitat *Maturity *Texture *Flavour

Relationship Length: Can’t remember exactly but well over 10 years!

The Story: We were introduced to Linda through another trusted butcher and we’ve been working with Linda ever since. The fact that she’s so close also means that we can regualry visit and we know the poultry is as fresh as can be.

Why do you choose to work with Linda? The set up Linda has is superb! All birds are fed with a special mix made from local ingredients and the birds roam free just as soon as they have enough feathers. The fact that Linda lets her birds mature and dry plucks them means that the birds have great texture and flavour.

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