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Haggis Recipe: Jasper Llama’s Hungry Muso Haggis

Jasper Llama’s Hungry Muso Haggis

(serves 2 x Hank Marvins)


    600g Crombies Haggis
    6 average Rooster potatoes
    Scottish mature cheddar cheese
    Bunch green onions
    2 eggs
    Salt, pepper, butter
    (Mr. Singh’s Extra Hot Chilli Sauce – if you dare)


    Cut each potato into 6-8 pieces and place in saucepan. No peeling.
    Wrap haggis tightly in foil and place in a large saucepan.
    Cover with water, bring to bubble then cover and reduce to simmer.
    (You can now relax for 40 minutes!)
    Salt potatoes, pour in boiling water and simmer until soft.
    Grate cheese, trim and chop onions.
    Drain potatoes, mash and bash, mixing in plenty of butter, salt and pepper.
    Fold onions into mash and transfer to ceramic dish. Top with grated cheese and place in hot oven.
    Cover half of each dinner plate with rocket, adding diced tomato on the side.
    Place eggs in cold water pan and bring to boil.
    After a seven-minute boil, cool the eggs for one minute in cold water. Peel, slice in half and add to plate.
    Haggis has had an hour! Serve it up on the bed of rocket.
    Remove cheesy mash from oven, take it all to the table and tuck in!

Many thanks to @JasperLlama for sharing his favourite way to enjoy haggis.

What’s your favourite haggis recipe?

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