Chilli Con Carne with haggis

Haggis Chilli Con Carne

This recipe will keep you warm, especially on a windy day like today and it can be made within 30 mins so a quick and easy supper!

100g of minced beef
500ml of beef stock
150g of Haggis (loosen it until breadcrumbs texture appear)
3 large tomatoes (Chopped)
1 cup of chopped mix vegetables (carrot, turnip, parsnip, onion)
1-2 Fresh chilli
2 tablespoon of Olive oil

2 tablespoon of chilli powder
1 tablespoon of cumin
1 tablespoon of paprika
2-3 teaspoon of salt
Pinch of black pepper


Boil beef stock in a pot on a high heat and add chopped tomatoes.
Cook for about 6-8 mins until tomatoes fall apart and set aside.
Meanwhile, put a frying pan on medium heat, and then add olive oil.
Add minced beef, haggis and garlic.
Keep stirring and cook for a further 10 minutes on medium heat until minced beef is cooked.
Then add tomatoes with cooking juice back to a frying pan with the rest of ingredients.
Cook for another 10 mins.

Ideal with rice or jacket potatoes.

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