Haggis Cake

As a mark of respect for Robert Burns, Sandy Crombie has been working on the idea of this amazing haggis cake which could serve 8 people.

Yes, it is simple, but it can turn your Burns’ night into a memorable meal.

After cooking the haggis, neeps and tatties, simply layer the haggis (bottom), tatties (Middle) and neeps (top) in a cake ring on a cake stand, making sure each layer is well pressed down. Then release the ring once you are happy.

Slice up the haggis cake and smother with whisky and pepper sauce. You can reheat each slice in the microwave if it starts to get too cold.

To make this big haggis cake meal you will need:

– A stainless steal cake ring (we used 8″ Stainless Steel Funnel Cake Mold Ring)

– Tatties 600g.

– Neeps 300g.

– Haggis 900g

Do not forget to read the address “to a Haggis” and decorate the dinner table with our new Burns’ placemat mats or some Burns’ napkins. Enjoy you Burns Night!


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