Cuts of Steak

The Sirloin


Tasty and tender, a classic steak perfect with an accompanying sauce.


The Fillet


Lean, succulent and tender, meltingly, soft to taste – suits quick cooking in a very hot pan.


The Rump


Also known as Popseye, Aitch Bine or Heuk Bone, this cut is full of flavor and delicious served sliced over salad or vegetables


The Minute


Also known as frying steak, this is quick, versatile and very tasty – the original fast food, it’s perfect in a sandwich but also great in a stir-fry.


The Ribeye


The chef’s favourite, well-marbled, tender and flavoursome. Delicious with a rich, blue cheese dressing or peppercorn sauce.


The T-Bone


Sirloin on the bone with fillet attached to the underside. Take care when cooking, as the fillet will cook more quickly than the sirlo


The Featherblade


Also known as Flat Iron, it comes from under the animal’s shoulder blade. It has a bit of a texture and a lot of flavor. It works fairly hard so it is best server rare.


The Thick Skirt


The “butcher’s steak” because he often took it home. Also known as Onglet or Hanger Steak, it has lots of texture and flavor. It must be cooked very quickly and server rare.


The Bavette


It is part of the Flank and like thick shirt it has a full rick flavor and must be cooked very quickly and server rare, and sliced across the grain.



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