Meet the Crombies Team

Pleased to meet you. We’re the award winning Crombies of Edinburgh team.

Not only are we a friendly bunch, we’re a very experienced team of butchers and purveyors of fine food. Why not scroll down the page to get to know us a little better or if you’re in the area pop in to say hello, we’re always happy to help!

Sandy Crombie

Start date: 1956
Known for: Leader of the pack and figure of inspiration.

The Butcher’s Counter

Brian Barclay

Start date: 5th April 1976
Known for: Long suffering shop manager who answers a million questions an hour.

Simon Faulkner

Start date: 5th November 1999
Known for:Aims to please with recipes galore.

Sam Andrews

Start date: 11th June 2001
Known for: Chief haggis and steak pie maker.

Wayne Anderson

Start date: 3rd October 2005
Known for: Nothing’s a problem – always a smile!

Barry Mcleod

Start date: 18th April 2013
Known for: Boned and rolled for the asking.

The Deli

Linzie Stark

Start date: 22nd March 2004
Known for: Supervisor; quick as lightning.

Liz Martin

Start date: 18th April 2006
Known for: Soup Queen; always reliable.


Aimee Jackson

Start date: 4th November 2013
Known for: Fast and obliging.


The Check-Out

Julie Kidd


Start date: 14th May 2012.
Known for: Bright and breezy, loves to chat.





Iain Campbell / Factory

Start date: 1st April 2004
Supervisor: Sausage King – loves to organise.

Charles (Chas) Cairns / Factory

Start date: 18th June 2001
Known for: Best sausages maker in town – so he says!