How to cook the perfect sausage

If you look at our product pages you will notice that we recommend different cooking methods depending on the type of sausage; using the right cooking method can really enhance the flavours of our sausages. So to help you enjoy our Crombies sausages at their best we have collated some top tips to sizzle a perfect banger.

1. Poaching

You might not think to use this method but giving your sausages a light poaching first in boiling water to cook them through before browning them in a pan is the perfect way to make them nice and juicy.

A sausage you should poach first is the German Bratwurst sausage. This smooth sausage made with lemon, nutmeg, black pepper and fresh herbs should be poached for 3-5 minutes, then cooled and fried or grilled.


2. Baking & Casserole

This is a fool-proof way of cooking a banger, pop them in a baking dish along with some vegetables and tomatoes if you fancy (they’ll help keep the sausages from drying out) and you have a simple meal with very little effort.

The perfect sausage for this is our Pork, Honey and Mustard sausage, this versatile sausage is great for casseroles as well as frying and grilling.


3. BBQ

A BBQ without a sausage is like a wedding without a bride it just doesn’t work. For the perfect BBQ banger poach them first then sizzle them to taste on the BBQ.

Many of our sausages are perfect for the barbecue, but one made for the barbie is our Pork and Edinburgh ale sausage made with Innis and Gunn ale. BBQ immediately or poach first then BBQ and put it in a bun with some relish, delicious!


4. Slice and Pan Fry

Some sausages are just made to be sliced and fried, like the Chorizo sausage.

If you but our traditional Spanish Chorizo, simply chop them into slices and fry them up in a little oil and these spicy Spanish sausages can be served with just about anything.


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