Crombies Chocolate & Chilli Sausage

Chocolate Week: Crombies Special Sausage

Chocolate and Chilli Pork Sausage

To celebrate Chocolate Week, Crombies has partnered with master chocolatiers Coco Chocolate to produce the ‘Crombies Chocolate and Chilli Pork Sausage’.

Here Mr Sandy Crombie tells us more about the delectable choccy sausage.

Is this the first chocolate based sausage you have made?

We did make a chocolate orange sausage for a private function some years ago, and it was delicious, but thought it would be nice to work with some “real” chocolate to develop a sausage for this year’s Chocolate week.

Tell us a little bit more about the creation of this sausage.

We looked at adapting some of our current sausages “Pork, Marmalade & Whisky” and “Seville Pork & Orange” staying on the same theme as before with oranges. We also tried just the straight addition of chocolate and chilli to our special pork sausage.  The results were all acceptable, but the consensus of opinion, at least what my wife thought, was that the one with the chillies would help spice up “Chocolate Week”

Is it quite difficult to mix such a traditionally sweet ingredient with a meat based product?

Yes, it is quite difficult to get the right balance of flavours, but that’s what we enjoy doing and of course drawing on our many years’ experience (too many to mention!) helps us know what is likely to work well.

Why the chipolata style?

We thought these could be served cold as an appetiser, or hors d’oeuvre at parties. The chipolata style also means it could be served as a side dish – leaving it to the creative imagination of our customers.

We have also considered adding a little cinnamon to the mix as a Christmas special!

What is the best way to cook them?

They can be fried slowly in a little olive oil, or plunged as a string of sausages into boiling water and kept there for 10 minutes. They can then be dried off and finished by browning in the frying pan.

Any specific serving suggestions?

You will be surprised how well they will compliment so many other meat dishes.

Infact we’d love to see how our customers serve them up so please send in suggestions and pictures to

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Or to read more about the Crombies and Coco Chocolate collaboration here.

With thanks to Anna Czerwińska from Coco Chocolate for the image.

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