Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce & pickled cucumber

Marinade Ingredients:

500 g. skinless chicken breast fillet (will make about 16 Chicken Satay)

1 tsp of salt

1 tsp of white wine vinegar

2 tsp of milk

1 tsp of soy sauce

2 tsp of brown sugar

1 tsp of curry powder

1 tbsp of water

2 tbsp of coconut cream


Peanut Sauce Ingredients:

1 piece of slice bread (break up in to small pieces)

200 ml.. of coconut milk

250 g. ground cooked peanut

50 g. of caster sugar

1 tbsp. of Thai red curry paste

50 g. of milk.

Pinch of salt


Pickled cucumber: (optional)

100 ml. of water

50 ml. of white wine vinegar

50 ml. of caster sugar

2 pinches of salt

1 cucumber (Fine slice)

1 shallot (Fine slice)

15-16 skewers


  1. Cut the chicken breast in half then turn and slice at an angle of 45 degrees to give slithers at about 3mm.  You should get 4 – 5 strips from each half.
  2. Mix marinade ingredients with the strips of chicken breast and leave it in the fridge for at least 2 hours. For better result, chicken can be marinated overnight.
  3. After completing the process of marinating, soak the skewer in the water for 5 mins to stop it burning in grilling process.
  4. Thread the chicken strips onto the skewers into ‘S’ shapes and put it back to the fridge.
  5. Start making peanut sauce by mixing peanut sauce ingredients in the pot under low heat. Stir regularly to avoid burning. This process will take about 7-10 mins. Set aside
  6. Start making pickle by mixing all liquid ingredient in to a pot under medium heat. Stir well until it comes to the boil. Turn the heat off and set aside. Wait until it cools down – about 5 mins then add cucumber and shallot. Set aside.
  7. Grill the chicken skewers in a flat pan (medium heat) without oil, it should take 3 mins each side.
  8. Serve cooked chicken satay with peanut sauce and pickled cucumber.
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