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Chicken Grilling Tips

Linda Dick’s free range chickens are so tender and moist that they should be given a bit of TLC when cooking so here we have some top tips for great grilling courtesy of

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Grilling Chicken – Top Tips

Whenever I grill chicken breasts (or anything else, for that matter), I use the following guidelines to minimize sticking and maximize flavor and grill marks:

Keep it hot. Heat your gas grill to high or build a “three Mississippi” fire in a charcoal grill. For the latter, hold your hand about four inches above the grate. Start counting “one Mississippi, two Mississippi…” and by “three Mississippi,” the intense heat should force you to snatch your hand away.

Keep it clean. Scrub the hot grate thoroughly with a stiff wire brush. This dislodges any debris and minimizes sticking. If you don’t have a grill brush, use a crumpled ball of aluminum foil and hold it with tongs.

Keep it lubricated. Roll a paper towel into a small ball, dip it in vegetable or olive oil, and using tongs, rub it over the bars of the grill grate. Oiling the grill helps prevent sticking, and it helps you get great grill marks.

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