Champagne and Truffle Sausage

Champagne and truffle sausage

How time flyes! we are offcially 60 years old this week. Since 1985 we have devoted a large part of our time to making and developing new sausages.  In the early 1990’s we made this sausage for a wedding up in the Sheraton Hotel and we thought what a great way to celebrate our anniversary.

The sausage itself is a simple pork mix with breadcrumbs, our own secret seasoning and some provence herbs, then the fun begins.  We chopped in a little oil several small truffles which tasted just superb – sorry to say not all the truffle got to the sausage, mmmm – then we add Mumms Champagne instead of water.

Why Mumm’s Champagne, well it is a perfect balance of sweetness and dry taste to compliment the sausage.  We remember playing around with several types of champage to get the right balance – What a job !

The result is quite a strong tasting sausage where you really can taste the truffle coming through and then the little afterkick of the champagne.  Of course this is not a cheap sausage with the ingredients adding up to £105 for a batch of little over 4 kilos.  You wont find it for sale in the counter or online but should you ever need a batch, we certainly can accomodate.

Pop into our shop in Broughton Street each Saturday in May and you can sample this extravigant sausage for yourself or even win a small pack in our prize draw, again run till the end of May.

Come and celebrate with us and see what has kept us in business since 1955.

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