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Alternative Haggis Recipes

We talk about sausages a lot on the website, and with good reason we sell a lot of them! So this month we thought we would take the focus off sausages on the blog slightly and talk about some of our other products, and this month it is all about haggis.

But Haggis is just for Burn’s night isn’t it?

Not at all! Burns Night is the official occasion that haggis is a must, however, this most celebrated of Scottish foods does not have to just be a once a year wonder, in fact it can and should be eaten all year around.

If you struggle to think beyond the usual haggis, neap and tatties recipes, then these five recipes will open up your imagination to what you can do with haggis.

If you want to learn how to address a haggis on Burns Night then you will love our posting of Mr Sandy Crombie addressing a haggis.

1. Haggis Nachos

Who would have thought that haggis could be used for nachos, well it can! Substitute your usual mince topping on nachos and you have a Scottish twist on a family favourite.

Full recipe details – heraldscotland.com/food-drink/celebrity-chefs/cooking-guide-five-alternative-ways-to-serve-haggis.2013011826

2. Haggis Pizza

Make your pizza from scratch or use haggis on a pre-made pizza base and you have a great new pizza topping.

Full recipe details – heraldscotland.com/food-drink/celebrity-chefs/cooking-guide-five-alternative-ways-to-serve-haggis.2013011826

3. Haggis Bon Bons

Make as a snack or starter for a dinner party and we bet there will not be a single one left. These tasty treats are super easy to make and nibble on.

Full recipe details – heraldscotland.com/food-drink/celebrity-chefs/cooking-guide-five-alternative-ways-to-serve-haggis.2013011826

4. Haggis Pakora

Another favourite dish is of course curry so why not add a taste of our national dish for a tasty curry twist.

Full recipe details – theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2014/jan/24/three-amazing-alternative-haggis-recipes-burns-night

5. Haggis Lasagne

Since haggis has a similar texture to mince it makes it a really versatile ingredient. Substitute mince for haggis in lasagna and you have a completely new way of cooking that Italian classic.

Full recipe details – theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2014/jan/24/three-amazing-alternative-haggis-recipes-burns-night

So there you have it 5 ways to use haggis in a completely different way!

You can buy haggis from Crombies in a range of sizes; a single serving right through to our ceremonial size. Treat yourself today.

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